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I See

By Sneha Arun

A pair of eyes as I begin to see

Incidental reaction that they stare back at me..

As the mystery behind those eyes, I tried to capture,

Lips did curve, but smile suffered a fracture..

Release of tears that those expressionless eyes refused

With no trace that peace ever infused…

Pain of carrying an own personal hell,

Surely not a place where trust could dwell…

Agony of loss clearly visible on the face,

Suppressing a shriek after being ditched by solace…

Depth of the sight knocked at the door

That, insecurities walked along for sure…

With infinite fears sealed inside the heart’s floor,

Distances refused to diminish even more…

Against the shatter of broken much awaited dreams

Luxury of loneliness would be a thing to adore

Burnt tears and emotions untold,

Explosions in the mind which the eyes shudder to unfold

The motive to breathe begin to drain

With absolute urge to turn insane

As the eyes in the mirror I continue to see…

I wonder if it is me…

By Sneha Arun

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