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I Am She

By Neha Diwan

Hey me

What should we do now They see me

They know somehow

I am she.

I haven't seen what's outside

But they don't want me beside. They are going

To put end to little me What's the difference

If I am he or she.

Don't do this

I begged

Please don't kill me

I cried

I'll behave outside

I promised.

But the one above has other plans

I wasn't meant to die

Maybe I was meant to fly

Stronger in the womb

End of the doom.

They tried and failed

I survived and succeed

Whether he or she

Both bundle of happiness

Both will win

Just your one step

You won't be next. I am she

But I'm stronger and free I know they love me Because I am she.

By Neha Diwan

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