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During The Times Of Struggle

By Vishesh Khandelwal

Trust me, you are very strong belongs to a breed not much known life is a never-ending struggle and I know, you can handle anything on your own

You’ve inspired a lot of people, taught us all Gave happiness to so many, touched so many souls People look up to you in so many ways Don’t lose hope, it’s just a phase

The girl I knew was amazingly cute and charming with so many qualities and fan following alarming great smile, independent, creative mind are just to name some You’ll have to come out of it, I can’t see what you’ve become

The one I knew, is still somewhere there lost in the things she had to bear She was one of her kind Bloody difficult to get her off someone’s mind

Bring back that girl and you’ll know her worth You’ll start noticing the sadness dearth Be free, have fun, live life to the fullest coz you yourself know you’re the coolest

By Vishesh Khandelwal

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