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Dreams, Hopes, And Lullabies

By Jahnavi Mandal

On the accursed urban land

Apart just a hand

From the wrong concrete pave

A little, little wave

Of freshness, a tiny flower

‘Tis better than nothing, a shower

Of unearthly radiance, a wonder

To behold and ponder

Upon the numerous mistakes

Of humanity to uptake

How wrong we have all been

How many years we have all seen

Without change in mindset, attitude

Not a single bit of extra greenness

In a single latitude

This earth is big, I agree too

But our dreams have more power, very true

So let us work together, hold hands

Focus on a common goal, and make this world grand

Full of greenery and flowers and butterflies

A casket full of unsung lullabies

A graveyard full of buried hopes

Can you fulfil them, is there scope?

That not animals, not birds, nor plants can decide

That only we humans can confirm, to build the dream in which we reside.

By Jahnavi Mandal

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