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Down Goes The King

By Pragati Ojha

Long live the king,

In his tall mansion and in royal robes,

His jilted mistress stares from a distance,

Peering at his new jewels.

His minister watch their jolly emperor

As he sings and dances,

He cared only for himself, his wealth and his fame

But now he stands alone, with no one left to claim

Down went the king, so regal and grand

His reign has come to an end, as all must stand

For the king was blinded by his own selfish ways

Ignoring the needs of his people, for days and days

The mistress was delighted at the news,

Her joyous laughter rang like a muse

She danced and twirled, so full of glee

She spun, with not a care or fear

As down goes the king,

From his tall mansion and in royal robes,

Pride scattered as pieces of glass,

And the crown collecting dust, alas!

Down goes the king, his pride now in shambles

As he falls from grace, as kingdom crumbles.

By Pragati Ojha

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