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By Ahana Sarkar

From the very start of my childhood I have this question- "Why we put divinity in boxes like in the altar, in some symbols or in certain idols? Is it not supposed to be much more than that?" The more I grow up, the morea My quest for divinity has started to take its shape! It started to feel like if I take one step towards it, It has started to take several to embrace me with its warm presence! And when I actually start to realise and sense what divinity actually is! Voila! It made me realise how All-Inclusive it actually is!

The more I started to find it internally, The more I started to find its reflection everywhere! Not only in the laugh of a little child or in the beauty of Nature or in the kindness or in altruism, but also in the Most evil & ruthless person The Mother Earth has ever borne has the same kind of Divinity within himself as Gautam Buddha himself had! It just got entombed by the weight of his big Ego and made him started to realise we are not the part of the same divinity but all are completely separate, Made him believe he might be Superior to others. But in reality divinity discriminates none, It is all encompassing And Omnipresent. We just have to look for it Inside before finding it Everywhere!

By Ahana Sarkar

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