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Diet Another Day

By Neeta Agarwal Doshi

Anuja gazed into nothingness. Raindrops crashed hard at the window panes, stirring a turmoil within. She ran and shut the bedroom door. But that didn’t help. The air inside was already heavy with what was going on outside.

What would she choose, heart or mind? Would she give in yet again or be able to hold her ground? When would she learn to make the right choices? She could hide no more.

She quickly unlocked the door and walked outside, taking big strides. The strong odour outside wafted straight into her nostrils making her hold her breath. She wanted to pay no heed to the stench and turn a blind eye and return to the safe confines of her room. All of a sudden, a figure loomed in front of her. She speedily leapt at the figure and snatched what the figure was holding and turned her back. A loud crunch in her mouth was followed by a sigh of satisfaction. No one made onion pakoras like her mother!

Sigh! The diet would have to wait another day.

By Neeta Agarwal Doshi

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