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Did You?

By Jignasa Parikh

Did you ever have a day when a long afternoon slumber goes deep into the evening,

And when you wake up at that golden hour, you are not sure whether its morning or evening.

Did you sense a complete loss of time and the feeling you feel in that timelessness?

Do you ever go back to that feeling?

In those few moments, when loneliness gives a tight hug that you cannot get yourself out of,

And the beautiful mind playing a melancholic tune from the past.

Did you ever embrace such a moment?

Did you ever smell the flower hidden in between the pages of a long-lost book in that moment?

Did you hear the breath of your first love in your breath in that moment?

Did you feel the warmth of blood running inside your cold body in that moment?

Did you love the feeling of sadness that you were going to leave behind in that moment?

Did you ever live that moment?

By Jignasa Parikh

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