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Devil's Workshop

By Nimisha Yadav

You might believe it's beneath the ground,

It's actually situated above the cloud.

He's running a chop shop up there,

Feeling too proud,

Grinning at himself

For the species he found.

Don't throw your hands in the air

Take responsibility for once, I dare

Don't suck up the good and leave the filth around,

Man we don't need evil on the ground.

The nice ones go early, they say

The bad ones don't die easily, I say.

Did you do this on purpose?

Fill us with emotions and play,

Is life just a drama?

With us as actors on stage.

The heroes are dying,

The villains smiling wide

Women, oh yeah women,

Can't do nothing but whine.

Souls, minds, corpses and remains

There's bloodshed, war, hatred and disdain

Smirking down from his sacred haven,

What if God, himself, is actually the Satan.

By Nimisha Yadav

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