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Dear Backspace,

By Yusuf-livelovelifeagain.

The words that I use sometimes have their way & they don't budge easily. As a writer poet I often have to deal with words with a firmer attitude & that is where you have always helped me.

You have been helping me a lot with my mistakes. They always cheer me up when I use you. I sometimes wonder if you could really come out of this keyboard & help me with my real life. My real life really needs you to make all those corrections. Corrections that will really move me to higher planes of happiness & opportunities I never thought of before.

I would have then kept you in my safe vault as a wonderful resource of incredible happiness. In fact, just imagine if all humanity had you as a tool to correct their mistakes, wouldn't that have made a huge difference in everyone's life? Imagine how many lives had been saved & the world would have been a better place. Your mere presence on my keyboard has given me happiness to hone my thoughts so well.

How could only going a little back make us all realize what life holds for us? I thank you for making me realize just that in your own little way.

By Yusuf-livelovelifeagain.

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