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Dating After Death

By Rabani Dhingra

In Bengal, India in the small streets of the stereotypical towns once lived a stunning lady or shall I say a girl. She was flawless, bold, impatient, and keen. She was Zoya who was sent off to a random rich man in her teenage.

She married a handsome man, but couldn't love him. He was rich, but she couldn't love him. Now, what could be the story behind this one. Well, of course, it's another man. The man that she met in her school. Her first love.

She liked him as nobody did or anybody could. She wanted to express every bit of her to him. She was ready with the paper in her hand with his phone number, She was ready with the words, She was ready with the emotions. But she couldn't. Perhaps she was ready to express herself but her heart, unfortunately, wasn't.

But as we all are known time flies so it did. As soon as she came into her teens she was sent off to start a new chapter of her life and leave the old ones suppressed.

She spent years pretending a wonderful wife, a perfect daughter-in-law until she heard the phone ringing that changed her life after 3 years of marriage. It was from the hospital informing that she is a widower. His husband got deceased in an accident. After listening to that she was nothing but in an awful state of mind, she had jumbles of phrases around her mind, anxiety in her heartbeat, and broken thoughts in her mind.

But that didn't last long until the broken pieces joined and her brain telling her she was ready, her heart telling her to reveal the feelings. Yes, it was indeed the time to confess. So not long after she called the first love of her life hoping that there could be away. So Zoya called him and surprisingly the spark between them was still alive. There was a chance.

But unknowingly after the confession to her love, she passed out. She didn't open her eyes again so the family took her to the doctor immediately the doctors claimed it was a heart attack. But a heart attack of joy. A joy that kills. Thus. the story remains unfinished. Dating after death!

By Rabani Dhingra

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