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Covid Crusaders:Need Of Human Efforts

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

By Barsita Debbarma

With no sense of precise view ,

Eastern gust flew across.

Passing all the way to blue.

Making an unending route

Thought of as brief-time,

but stayed with a long-drawn out.

Breaking the spirit we hold.

Over the past hour,

On the lane we couldn't unfold

permeating every height,

Leaving those memories

extending one's eyes to the light.

Everyone is striving in it's own

gaining the life to restore ,

Which appears to be a different tone .

We go ascend to the ambiance .

Descend to follow the stream then,

We go empty letting those silence.

The request for dim

eternally to be hidden

squeezing my feet and limbs.

These could be a disguise ,

Keeping is conscious and

Seeing it through our eyes.

Those unidentified gestures enacting

constructed the archway's side

increased as that dread of crashing.

Going to crawl back

confronting by row of arms,

to fend off this uncanny attack.

Got ready for this stern order.

overwhelmed by work,

the creation of ordinary crusaders.

For the change we need.

Let's clash to win this

Using the brave deeds .

Few arms to grab the opportunity ,

As we accomplished the task

When performed with unity.

By Barsita Debbarma

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