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Conversations- Denial

By Aryashree

Her: It’s degrading to even have to ask you this, but tell me. . How do I move on? Where do I even begin to get over you?

Him: There had to have been some tangible element in the first place, to have to get over it.

Her: How do you know what I have for you isn’t tangible? I cannot possibly measure my feelings. All I can feel is a gaping void. How do you not understand that?

Him: I do understand. Let me make it easier for you- you’re trying too hard to hold on to something you never had in the first place. You only wished to have it. It never existed, though.

Her: I only wished to because it felt right, it seemed like it existed. How can my feelings be so wrong?

Him: Your feelings aren’t wrong. But it is wrong of you to assume I wished for the same things you did. You are living in denial.

Her: Living in denial isn’t bad, not at all. I revel in it.

Him: Is it better than living in acceptance, though? In reality?

Her: Reality is like clipping off the wings of a bird and forcing it to deal with never having to fly again. Denial is liberating. It never puts a limit on or hinders flying, even if wings are clipped.

Him: But for how long will the fantasy stay? Eventually, you’ll realize you’re only living in search of a dream, one that is bound never to happen. Come to reality- it makes other dreams not so futile.

Her: Eventually, yes. We all move on eventually. Why rush? There is such beauty in ruin, in being fragile. Denial lends itself to explore ardent desires just like expression lends itself to art. Denial lets me write, reality would never. So why rush?

By Aryashree

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