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Cafe Mystery

By Preethi Jones M.

On a cold winter evening

People juggling in the streets

Wearing sweaters and mittens

To soothe in the trembling weather there comes

A desperate urge to drink coffee

Hopped into a café nearby

Eyeing the façade, I got in

Wooden interiors with perfect orientation

Mood lighting aligns with the ambiance

The smell of freshly brewed coffee

Keeps me hooked up to it

Grinding of coffee beans

The sight of different spoons in different sizes

Found a place to sit after placing my order

Having an overview of the people around

Friends cracking a biscotti and chilling

Couples enjoying their first date

People in suits working remotely

A boy with headphones on

A shopping spree girl with all her bags

Peace and comfort are what they want

Admiring all of these

A barista came in with my order

A caffe latte art

Caught my eyes mesmerized

After having my sip of coffee

Left by waving goodbye

The day after I revisited the café

The café not seen or heard

Is it my dream or the reality?

By Preethi Jones M.

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