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Boon Of Life

By Anusha

This is the story of two different families are leading their lifes with different mind sets.

One family who are having many properties, businesses and as well as very well educated.In this family mother,father,daughter and son are educated and earning is also very good.But being so educated no body follows good health habits and always thinks about money or family never care about health.After getting good jobs suddenly there is a shock in the family mother fallen ill her heart pumping was not good.It’s shock to the family.They felt that they are capable of efforting money so that she can get good treatment.For family expenses and mother treatment they started spending after it was good but after few months husband and children are unable to balance their carrer time and also financial expenses. So,girl thought to take break for her career but mother wants to make her children to get settled in career and get them married but her children want to do earn money and make life secured in financially.But due to ill health of their mother they were unable to concentrate on their career and expenses is getting more.But still they are trying their best to manage their timings.

On other side there is another family who stays near by house.Family is spending their life with minimum expenses and doing their savings regularly.Maintaing good health habits and maintaining food balance etc.This was their regular balance they maintain.This family also having mother,father,son and daughter.The daughter and son completed their education and started their jobs.Both the children were not satisfied with their salary but accepted it because they feel in career we should keep working instead of waiting work gives experience and at some point we get career break but should keep trying and simultaneously they both can give financial support to their families.Months are passing here they are continuing their work and giving them financial support.

On other hand ,another family where expenses are increasing due to the treatment expenses neither there is financial improvement nor career improvement.

Months turned to 3years.In just a blink 3 years have passed away.In this 3 years lot of changes in both the families which is unbelievable.

Family who is spending with high expenses and having many properties and want to do something in career.But due to their mother health lost the focus in career and unable do savings in money.Mother is also very disturbed due to her health her children are suffering in their life.Then she rewinded her life style few years back how they are ?Know how they are?Every year when we look back their should be betterment in life.She compared her life with another family who are living near by,they are living with minimum expenses but there is lot of improvement in their life.Just because everyone in their family are healthy.She understood that to have a rich life,wealthy life improvement in life properties ,high income not only the base.But to get rich life every one should have healthy life.Otherwise if anyone is unhealthy in family whatever savings are their they get lost in hospital expenses.

Other family who are surviving with minimum expenses and spending their life.In these 3years they got new house and marriages of their children is fixed.Got increments in jobs.

Unhealthy woman she compared her family with this family she felt sad.She thought if she would be healthy may be she also use to do samethings to her children.Then understood one thing REAL BOON IN LIFE IS NOT ONLY HAVING WEALTH IN LIFE,THE REAL WEALTH IN LIFE IS HEALTH.IF HEALTH IS GOOD WEALTH WILL BE HOLDED IN OUR LIFE.WITHOUT HEALTH THERE IS NO USE OF HAVING OF WEALTH.

So woman taught her kids what ever happened is happened.She told her children that always stay away from bad food habits which spoils our health be healthy maintain good health always balance that.This is only gift and only help which we can to family.After few years she passed away.Children got a lesson from their mother health issue.Always kept in their mind health is real wealth.They remember their mother last words “REAL BOON OF LIFE IS HEALTH….”

By Anusha

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Rishabh Asthana
Rishabh Asthana
18. mai 2023
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Tremendous and remarkable story

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