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Bird On The Ledge

By Neeta Agarwal Doshi

A lost bird, sat on the ledge, confused, but not disheartened,

Pecking at the thick hedge, it began to chirp in notes a bit sharpened,

It fluttered; a bit shaky, but stayed at the same spot and tried again,

Tweeted louder, stopping to look up and down, every now and then.

Not very long after, it heard a familiar voice,

It flew immediately into the arms of its loved ones,

They all chirped together merrily as they rejoiced,

The family was back together with all daughters and sons!

Feeling lost or alone? Find yourself a ledge to perch on,

It can be a person, place, or even an object or passion,

Don’t be afraid to make noise while waiting for a new dawn,

Don’t be shy to seek help from a stranger or a loved one.

Feeling lost, lonely, or helpless is not a crime,

What is not good is, not sharing your feelings on time.

Jumping off the ledge is one way to stop being miserable,

Staying on the ledge until your voice is heard is also possible.

It may seem doubtful, impossible even, and quite strenuous,

But you owe the gift of life to your loved ones and yourself!

So go on, allow yourself to lose yourself or go astray,

Promise yourself to always keep the faith and find your way!

By Neeta Agarwal Doshi

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