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Believe In Your Voice

By Neeta Agarwal Doshi

Crows are an example that louder isn’t always better,

Being humble and sincere is what really matters.

Amid the cacophonous caws of the crows,

The little sparrow, unintimidated, continues chirping.

Sparrow, softer and milder, has a distinct voice,

Persists and hangs on to its opinion and expression.

It does not aim to obscure the crow or come to the fore,

It just continues chirping sincerely, like a must-do-chore.

Try as it might, the crow cannot overshadow,

The sparrow’s true-to-self natural song.

Faith in self and persistence can remove all obstacles,

Creating a symphony of melodious tweets amidst the noise is possible!

By Neeta Agarwal Doshi

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