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Beautiful Scars

By Janvi Pujara

She walked through the corridors with eyes full of dream,

Met a man whose qualities she esteem.

She inspired him to be a good man

This is how their story began!

They fought endlessly on silly things

Not knowing about each other’s feelings.

Fell in love which people didn’t accept

Still they peacefully slept.

Time came when they had to part their ways

The world awaited them with scorching rays!

With one promise in heart

They sat on the cart!

Knowing about the difficulties to face,

Ended up in never ending race.

Worked hard the whole day with one satisfaction

To hear each other’s voice in compassion.

Her parents were not ready to accept him,

Though his parents were not ready for the light to dim.

She had accepted all his flaws

And was his applesauce.

Things were as pretty as moon and stars,

Filled up in her chocolate jars!

Came a big fat cyclone

Which could not brake their bone.

They faced all the problems together,

Until the dream was over.

The world felt apart for her

Knowing she was just a toy in his drawer.

He was a prince to her dreams;

But he had many queens.

She broke the mirror who said she was pretty,

Then collected the pieces without any pity

Came out a piece of diamond

Who loved eating lots of almond!

With all the scars and mess

She was still Daddy’s little Princess

She walked through the corridors with eyes full of dream,

Embraced reality with a cup of ice cream!

By Janvi Pujara

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