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Baby Bear And The Bee Hive

By S.Joshini

Once upon a time Mummy and baby bear lived in a cave.

One day baby bear asked “Mummy, Mummy can I go have a walk in the forest”.

Mummy said “You should not go their baby”.

Baby shouted “Mummy pretty pleases Mummy”

“Okay but for only 5 minutes and don’t go near the bee hive” Mom Bear warned.

Baby bear walked in the forest and he sang “walk-walk fast, run-run fast, Oh no!

How to go across river hmm ha, I can swim across it”.

Baby said “claim-claim fast” and he got near a tree full of bee hive. Baby bear plucked it and the bees came out and attacked him.

Baby bear ran home and cried “Mom I will never touch the bee hive ever again”.

Mom said “Good I think you have learnt a lesson” Mummy bear and baby bear lived happily ever after.

By S.Joshini

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