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Anxiety Ain't Almighty

By Rajeev Nair

Do I look anxious how do I start, to talk about something that took me apart!

Coliseum of emotions day in day out when I walked away swiftly from pictures and pout!

All this fear, apprehension, and excess worry,

I do not know for what, trying ways to bury,

Panic strikes, dooms day right in the sight,

And here is my body checking fight or flight!

Middle of the midnight and racing heart,

Sweat dripping down the forehead superfast,

Tingling sensation and ants on my skin,

What’s wrong man, feel like needles and pin!

Went to a doctor, advised all the tests

Not simply decent food you also need rest,

Psychosomatic, ill body ill mind,

Thoughts of being a loser and one of its kind!

Kept weeping all night because I was not the same,

Thousands of thoughts on who shall I blame?

Do not overthink I begged on my knees,

Its free for you child, I will not charge you no fees!

Loss of appetite, insomnia, and headaches

That is too much stress hell lot of bad days!

I am turning nocturnal, once walk in the park,

My day dimmed on me, now I talk in the dark!

More than the pubs, seen the psychotherapy hub,

Claustrophobia is my friend I desperately want to snub

Rehab sessions, my lip curled in disdain,

Parting ways with my vices for fresh air and rain!

Somedays I cannot eat, somedays I cannot sleep,

The way it is all unfolding, trust me I cannot breathe!

How suffocating, O holy Christmas tree,

Overthinking walking down these empty streets!

Listen up,

You are making mountain out of nothing,

You know how you roll, push start the button

All have been there do not simply want to rub in,

Let bygones be bygones and stop cribbing!

They say get into groove, unpark and move,

Sweat it out hard pep up the mood

Run jog walk or crawl, get up yourself every time you fall

Embrace the change, settle disputes and brawl,

Explore the hood, breaking stereotype wall,

What is a man without a scar on his body,

Said a wise man once now a disembody!

Talking about peace and psychological health

Is a taboo in our country, it is not about the wealth!

Nothing goes deep into our subconscious mind,

Unless you summon thoughts, along with our grind!

Vibrating now at a frequency right,

Cosmic manifestation every second of our lives!

Take control of your stress, a plea a request

Assemble on your choice, nobody’s behest!

Rise o fallen angel braving all the odds

Wearing smile as the crest, with valor and your zest!!

By Rajeev Nair

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