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Anam Cara

By Rosmin Anna Jain

To my dearest friend, my anam cara true,

A bond so rare, like morning's dew,

Through highs and lows, you're always near,

With you by my side, there's naught to fear.

In laughter's echo and tears we shed,

Through paths we wander, where dreams are led,

You're the compass that guides my way,

In the darkest hours, you're my light, they say.

Through trials and triumphs, hand in hand we go,

Facing the storms, and the rivers that flow,

Together we weather life's ebb and flow,

My anam cara, a treasure I'll always know.

In moments of doubt, you lift me high,

A constant presence, like the endless sky,

You see the best in me, and I in you,

With anam cara, hearts remain ever true.

A tapestry woven with threads of love,

Sent from the heavens, a gift from above,

In this friendship, we find solace and peace,

A bond that transcends, and will never cease.

My confidant, my pillar, through thick and thin,

With you, my friend, every battle I'll win,

Through the seasons of life, side by side we'll be,

Anam cara, forever, you and me.

By Rosmin Anna Jain

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