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An Ode To 'Remembrance'

By Harsh Casturi

Days went by, life turned and paused,

Days went by, things occupied the heart,

Weeks went by, strolls became the abode,

Weeks went by, and walks became longer,

Years passed on, and still world felt the same,

Years passed on, and everything unknowingly, got changed,

To the memories, I am still a compassionate act,

To the melodies, I am still a passionate person,

Weaker and weaker, with every break, it felt,

Bigger and bigger, the pile of pages, heaped in,

Fancier the fallacy of shell was built, harder,

And harder, the moment of ‘let go’ was felt,

To be in a place and not to be in it, longings,

And longings, the desires of fancies, breaks you past,

Past your tolerance, past your succumbing breath,

Past your promises, past your disguises,

Disappointments, dissatisfactions, dishonesty,

Seems to be lost in the transition, while the younger me still kept chasing the sun.

By Harsh Casturi

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