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An Ode To My Past Self

By Reva Dusa

If i ever meet my past self

I would tell her how she's

one of the most beautiful ladies,

And she shouldn't listen to

The harsh comments of the bullies;

How gorgeously flawless she

looked covered in her dusky skin.

And that there's nothing wrong

with having an excess of melanin.

I would tell her that with everything

she does, she's going the right way,

Making unwise decisions, but her destination is getting closer day by day. Oh I'd love to tell her to learn to

work and rest periodically,

Instead of working too hard for long

and draining her body's battery.

Pushing her own limits,

Wanting to achieve academic success,

I would tell her to be consistent ,

And not be weighed down by stress.

She would shun herself, and had

begun to avoid people.

She believed that listening to

opinions about herself wasnt beneficial.

She'll slowly realize her parents were right,

She just resented their tone,

She should pay heed to them,

And reduce the usage of her phone

She needs to know that even if it

had disappeared for a while,

She had the most imperfect

yet enthralling smile.

She must know that her hobbies will carry Her through gloomy days, Make her the most interesting youngster

During this perplexing teenage phase.

I should warn her about the rash

Decisions of every untrustworthy friend,

But how would she learn to recover?

Stories have morals at the END.

I would tell her that she grew up to be

Exactly who she wanted to be, And she herself will be proud of me, for being a persevering young lady.

By Reva Dusa

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