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An Ode To Hope

By Siddarth Gokul Yeepu

I wonder where you went away,

are you truly dead?

or lost to us all?

either way you cease to exist.

even now that you have gone,

your spirit still lingers long,

i still,

feel you in the Internationale,

hear you in a child's laugh,

see you in spring's blossom.

and i know most believe your still alive,

but I know it's a beautiful lie, why did you go away?

leaving us all astray.

I wonder where you went to die,

in desperation I search every kind eye,

look what i have become,

a mendicant now,

here without hope.

in desperation,

I looked for you in the Styx,

in flowing death,

wishing to find,

remnants of your life,


I looked for you in Rishikesh,

in flowing life,

wishing to find,

remnants of your death,

i wonder where you went to die.

hope's last fleeting steps,

across desolate mindscape,

my last memory,

of the great immortal,

infected with mortality.

i wonder where you went to die

i know why you went to die...

By Siddarth Gokul Yeepu

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Unknown member
20. Mai 2023


Gefällt mir

Priyashmita Guha
Priyashmita Guha
19. Mai 2023

Wow. This is so lovely. Did not know this side of you

Gefällt mir

Unknown member
19. Mai 2023

Grandpa sure is smiling and sending his blessings ❤️

Gefällt mir

Unknown member
19. Mai 2023

talented ur

Gefällt mir
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