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An Ode to Devi

By Haripriya Rao

What is it like, to be ideal?

What is it like to be loved, well past your lifetime?

What is it like to be remembered,

With tears of love, joy and respect?

I read about you Devi,

When you foretold that your son,

Would be like Lord Krishna,

As instrumental to Hinduism, I had tears.

You knew it was true -- and he proved you right.

You read about your son in the news,

You listened when others spoke about your child,

You heard whispers of admirations, prayers recited in his name.

But You knew in your heart of hearts,

He wouldn’t be who he was, if not for you.

You prayed to the Lord at Varanasi,

In your mind, steadfast was your faith,

In your heart, deep was your love,

In your soul, determined was your devotion.

Longing for a child, you prayed for one of your very own --

And the Lord himself came forth to you.

What better gift, to you, his mother,

When your son reached the pinnacle of worldly success,

The entire world chanted his name,

“My Brothers and Sisters of America”, was his claim,

They loved his radiance, like moths to a flame

And you knew that it would never be the same.

He too, loved you, you surely knew that.

He worshipped you as his mother,

For sculpting him into who he became,

Your patience, faith, love --

He would remain in debt to your kindness.

He was, and will always be the great Vivekananda

To this World, inspired by his mind

Long after your time and mine.

But to you, he will always be

A gift from the Lord at Varanasi,

Your boy Naren.

By Haripriya Rao

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