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An Ode To A Scarlet Carnation

By Aaditya Menon

Yearning, is human nature, not only for the blessed ones burdened with a void;

Oblivious, as with those who know not of a purpose, but choose to exist,

Unyielding in our grasp of that which we choose to cherish - unworthy, or not.

Apposite with the conundrum that plagues mortals to question our existence and ourselves,

Regardless of what direction life sets us on, focusing on the path that has been charted for us.

Emerging amidst unfamiliar congregations, fading silently, rewarded with a cognition

Marvellous in its intensity, yet unable to sate the curiosity of a soul not content with the offering.

Yet in the midst of all the madness, I find myself allured by an overwhelming enigma, perplexing, yet again.

For, in a world that is obsessed with obsessing on choices of questionable merit, being the recipient of

Adoration and affection, as a gift priceless. The grace of one's time is best appreciated by one whose

Vision of the world is dimmed by angst, yet finds warmth in the sudden ray of light breaking through the cloudy

Overcast skies. Converse to lore, miracles are rife in our world, just not in the time or way we perceive

Uplifting experiences to be. Dreams do come true.

The power to manifest our wants is

Restricted only by the bounds of one's imagination and the unequivocal strength of our desire. Tedious to follow?

Insuperable it may seem to begin with, but moulding the inner strength evinces the depth of that which we yearn.

Tranquillity, should it possess a name, would share your visage, in my imagination. Why, though?

Eternity falls short for the time a mortal takes to find the piece to complete them, yet in knowing you, a calm

Permeates the senses, offering harmony, clarity and hope. The Universe's largesse to a wandering soul.

Eloquently, thus, shall this humble wordsmith attempt to extol the virtues of the divine blessing.

Resplendent, delicate, exquisite in appearance; effervescent, enthralling, charming as a persona

Sublimely indomitable, resolute in bearing, an inspiration in the strength that ripples beneath the calm demeanour,

Ostentatious to some, yet sophisticated and unparalleled to the keen connoisseur, still unable to appreciate all of that by yourself!

Needless to say, am in awe of all that you are, and more. Thus, I begin a journey with an ode to a scarlet carnation!

By Aaditya Menon

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