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An Earthen Shine

By Tunir Bhattacharya

Turmoil, turmoil, everywhere,

From the far hinterlands and prairies to the cushy lives in the cities;

From the endless wavy seas to the boundless high creeks;

The arcane fairies plague and rake – it is their sentiment, their choice.

But listen, listen, to her croon;

Which may be heard at dusk or noon

Her cherubic soul is indefatigable,

Yet, mystically urbane and considerable.

A thousand years I have lived but my future respite is still to ponder

But I will not drift away and sunder.

However, shall you wish to hear me,

Must you travel the mountains, battle the waters, and trot the valleys?

My voice is omnipresent; hence your search will not be forspent.

I live under the dusty willows, the fairy pillows,

The thirsty sand, which gets shunned for not being a land;

The misty forest, in which I rest,

And the proud highlands, where stargazing is always a chance.

I listen to her lugubrious tone, her innocuous moan,

As I see merry contredanses on the street being cloned.

They write great encomiums about each other

But sometimes, forget about their mother.

Yet she sequestrates her agony and smiles

And it is this smile that has kept her going.

By Tunir Bhattacharya

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