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An Absurd Question

By Raashid Naqib

Blessed art thou, for thee, live in the beloved’s neighborhood

Ancient word I do speak since the time immemorial

God knows that for long I have been here searching

For her alikeness; till this breath, all is in vain

Moments upon moments have lived and died in my presence

In my heart, I am as still that I sense the Universe revolving

Who am I but a man that could not grow old like the rest

The one I worship; I despise; such is my inglorious tragedy

Once, way before in time, I was smitten while wounded

Love began with a kiss, afterwards, I had but, no choice

Her name means the one that guides to the light

Her hair is the envy of ivory; her eyes have no match in both the worlds

I entered the old house of wisdom as a scavenger looking for some prey

In her arms whenever I found respite, I decided to tread away

Bury I not in any garden, for, when I die, leave it all be

Let me rot and become my deed, and I have always been this foul

I am scared of what I might become if my heart remains unhealed

Forgive me, oh! My creator, I’ve defiled the soul with my being

I wonder but all alone the wasteland of the life of my own making

Why shall God pardon those cowards who could not see beyond the self?

But, He is God; the most merciful, and the most divine

And I am a human being, who drinks, spits, and cusses a lot

By Raashid Naqib

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