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Agni Parikhsha.

By Chirag Jain

Anokha hai yeh jag anokhi isski baat…

Roz naya savera….roz nayi raat..

Roz humhe de nayi nayi sikhsha..

Leti hai har mod pe agni parikhsha.

Log yaha ke bade rangeen…

Kai hai rang inke..

Joh dekhe ho jate sangeen

Fhir bhi dete hai behisab prem ki bikhsha

Lete hai har mod pe agni parikhsha

Khete hai aage badho hum tumhare sath hai.

Maryada ke naam pe fhir chod dete hath

Fhir bhi ho jati hai amulay vyakititva ki varsha

Leti hai har mod pe agni parikhsha…

Sukh dukh ke hai anokhe sathi

Dukh mai ho jate ek… jaise diya aur bati..

Such mai fhir bhi kar lete hai thodi irrsha..

Lete hai har mod pe agni parikhsha

Jaise bhi hai hai yeh apne..

Akelepan ko na dete bhatakne

Pariwar ki hai yeh anokhi kaksha

Leti hai har mod pe agni parikhsha

By Chirag Jain

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