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Adieu My Friend

By Mariyam Hameeda

Much I long for,

To visit again, that scene

Where we sat and talked things,

Both sweet and mean.

You are quite grown now,

As if we never had ties.

Buried, is the promise, to never leave,

until one of us die.

I miss us,

Everytime you cross my mind.

Everytime I hear your name.

Everytime memories rewind.

I wish it reaches you,

These words in harmony,

Reminds you of our

Old and erased symphony.

I am hurt

Where do i go?

For you are not with me.

To pick me from my low.

The bridges that were made

Are even burned.

I can't come to you,

Even if I yearned.

I look in the mirror again

Wishing one morning,

I could find you, that

You would end this longing.

Even if you have left,

Left my heart with a cleft

You will always be my angel.

My support.

My saviour.

From the start till the end.

My old self,

Adieu, my dear friend.

By Mariyam Hameeda

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