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Abortion Is Crime

By Muthukumaran P

Is it fair to abort a fetus that was formed in the mother's womb? He should give birth and heal the fetus that has been formed as a witness of male and female sukha. What sins did your created fetus commit for your mistakes? No one should forget that in this world where female infanticide is on the rise, if there are no women, not a single life can be seen on this earth.

It is a crime to pinch and burn the flower bud that was formed in the happiness of the two without letting it bloom.

It is an unforgivable offense for the one who sowed the seed to root instead of growing it. Killing a fetus in the womb for their own happiness and selfishness is the greatest crime of murder.

Those who destroy the fetus in infancy may think it easy but it is an unforgivable crime. There may be no punishment for it in this world but it can never escape from the Lord's punishment.

No matter how many laws there are for abortion in this world, the crime of abortion will be reduced only if we look at it as a human being and think that the fetus is a life like ourselves

By Muthukumaran P

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