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A Tale Of Hate

By Manan Bansal

Mark lived in the worst place ever . His parents were both workers in a chemical factory which though not under the eyes of the government had so many illegal practices going around that once seen could potentially close it down .Many of these weren’t affecting mark but one of them is what changed his life from a normal school going teenager to a caught, isolated and alone .The fact was that in the factory none of the workers ,due to fear of alerting the police of the wrongdoings ,were restricted from going out of the area where the factory operated ,being in such a situation he since his first moment out in the light of the sun had been accustomed to , tied to and stuck to one place where the only thing he could think about was leaving. It was not as if his parents or the other workers didn’t want to leave , each and everyone coveted the rudimentary right

to freedom but for them to come up against the machinery and tight systems of security to leave the place was nothing short of a dream. Actually all of these other people including his parents occupied a small slum in the outskirts of the city from where they were forcibly picked up and taken to these factories where they were made to work under the threat of whip and lash.The factory had a simple disciplinary

By Manan Bansal

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