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A Random Girl

By Manimozhi L S

We normally have stories of some random people we met in random places.

That’s how random, I saw her.

Saturday evening, mild breeze, seaside,

Kids playing, some walking, some jogging,

Some clingy love birds make me feel single,

But I have my beloved sea, the view which blurred all other tiny things.

Of all those blurred images, her image is so clear, which distracted me from my beloved sea.

She sat next to my chair,

Seems like we both were in love,

with the sea,

She doesn’t shift her gaze from the view,

While my eyes were the same, but on her.

Ah! She is alone and I

Wanted to be her company.

As in love when v are n, we are not (a)lone.

How wild my imagination is?

Suddenly I became poetic.

I thought, how far can a random person make an impact?

Wow! She really does.

To be precise, her smile does, all the magic.

My dry day all become colorful,

The sorrows I had flew away like a balloon,

I don’t even care about the wind direction it went.

As she stuck in the gaze of sea waves,

I got stuck in her wavy/curly hair,

The only thing we had in common.

As I am already on cloud nine,

She turned and our eyes met,

OMG! How to describe it?

Should I be happy, that she saw me or afraid that she caught me off guard?

I am in shock, happy, and embarrassed, but must act cool.

Though I need to leave,

I choose to stay, wanted to be her side so, that she won’t be alone.

To my surprise, she prepared to leave.

Wow! That’s how God plans.

The only thing I expect is, for her to turn back and see me just once,

the last chance may consider it as an adieu.

She took a few steps, the wind started to blow,

She turned to her left, smiled, and continued to walk.

To her left was the sea, maybe she said adieu to the sea, not me.

For a second, I envy the sea which I came to see.

Waited there till she disappeared from my sight.

By Manimozhi L S

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