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A Presence So Absolute, an Absence So Mute

By Kalpana Kumar

By jove was she nosey

Everything about my life she wanted to see

Organize she did my house

Matching each saree with a blouse

Everytime i washed my hair

With a towel she was there

She was paranoid about me catching a cold

Just as she was upset about my disinterest in gold

About my Iron man, maid she was suspicious

Convinced their intentions towards me was malicious

Time and again, i wished with me she would stay

And then prayed that my anger i will not display

She bullied my children to complete tasks so they could recite

Evening when I came back tired, just a happy good night

Her goal for me was to always rest and relax

And not worry about lakhs and tax

With her obsession towards me she drove me mad

Now that she is gone I feel like a nomad

Rare to find a person more unpretentious

I know her kind of care was truly precious

By Kalpana Kumar

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