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A Place For Us

Updated: Apr 5

By Ajay M

Can we go on rides,

To places where the sun hides.

Where there are no sides

And where are hearts peacefully confides.

Can we go to a place where we decide

That both are hearts can be relied

And we can both in cheer, stride

Based on each other’s word and guide.

Can we go to a place which provide

A small abode for our souls that hide

During the times we are confused and terrified

And when our broken hearts have cried.

Can we go to a place where I can serenade

For you in the garden of jade,

Which looks holy and is God made.

Everyone except us there is forbade.

I know where I can find all this.

It all lies in us, my bliss.

Which I would never like to miss..

Come, embrace me with the loving kiss!

By Ajay M

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