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A Learning Experience

By Shaurjyadeep Ray

She knows the kind of person she is

Beautiful, confident and strong

Yet she kept making the same mistakes

Even though she knew in her heart that it was wrong

She’s just a hopeless romantic

Who fell for some pretty smiles and eyes

But looks can be deceiving

You never know who’ll take you by surprise

Broken trust and empty hearts

Took her a long time to heal them all back

She knows what’s more important now

And feels like she’s on the right track

She’s taking it slow and focusing on herself

Improving her life and working on her future

Meeting new people and experiences everyday

Sometimes she wishes she evolved a bit sooner

But she doesn’t linger on to the past and has reached a point of forgiveness All she sees is the way forward and doesn’t care about the ‘how’ Because she knows that without those past experiences in her life She would not be standing where she is right now

By Shaurjyadeep Ray

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