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A Haunting

By Uday Shah

The howls of wind ploughing the dark and conspicuous moonlight dappling like a candle. Owls hooting and vultures screaming. Shining in front was the rusty red chair stained with rotten blood. Spiders making their game for their butterfly catch and slithery bats dangling down in bundles to patch. Walking through the sleeky dungeon, I heard an unusual growling voice. The spooks and erroneous surroundings haunting me. It was freezing cold. Trying to discover the spooky voice, I followed the sounds. My aura felt a spirit forming up on me. I turned like an excavator's compass to navigate further. Feeling a soul foot printing me, I turned behind but nobody was there. I continued further. After a distance, I revolved again to scan. However, no one! Aaahhhhhhh...I gave a loud grunt. The beast I saw was inexplicable. It divulged from the tattered brick wall. Looking a scavenger with blood dropping from its stitched mouth. His eyes were burrowed with a punctured nose and sleek body. Walking in waves like a drunkard and running towards me with an axe.

It was 2:07 am and the alarm rang. Thank god, it was a dream! But it is not over yet. Clock circling backward? 3:10 am showed my analogue. An ugly sound tickled my ears. My cat mewed aloud. Her turquoise sight was fixed on me...soon I realized she is gazing behind me! Mouth getting dry and goosebumps setting on me. I turned back to see what was there...Ehh... ehhh a single toothed witch with shaggy hair eating the meat of a live chopped head. The sight was terrifying. I ran towards the storeroom door and searched for keys. But wait... what? Where is the keyhole? A door without a keyhole? How am I to open it? Scanned for a while and evidenced a burrow. I put my hand to find what was inside. Some moist matter was what I felt! Ewwwww... I removed my hand to see what I felt. I tried hard but could not remove my hand. It was stuck. Something unusual pulling me inside. Trying to retaliate I succeeded but stop! Where was my hand? It got detached from my body with the piece of flesh attached at its farthest corner. The deep red fluid bursting out from my arm and the chopped hand fluttering to survive like a half dead fish. The lady floating in air came towards me. The last I saw was my alarm clock flashing 12:07 am at me before she plunged her rotted nails inside my chest and tore it apart just to see that the clock struck 12:00 am!

By Uday Shah

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