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Soulmates Matrix

Updated: Feb 15

By Shivangi Jain

The doodle experiment

Disclaimer: The purpose of this experiment is purely creative and in no way intends to harm any political, religious or societal groups. The intent is not to disapprove what’s existing but to pave way into an alternate reality.

Shivangi Jain

25th December 2023


Defining null hypothesis

H0 = Everyone has one true soulmate

Defining alternate hypothesis

H1 = Everyone has multiple soulmates


Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only be transformed.


  1. Every human being has one soul.

  2. Each soul is a combination of smaller energy units.

  3. Energy units in close proximity can be potential mates as energy flows can create common grounds.

  4. Closeness of energy unit does not refer to physical closeness but spiritual and factual similarities.

Defining Variables

  1. Total energy in the universe hereby referred to as constant “C”, in layman's terms, the God Constant.

  2. Every unique soul will hereby be referred as S1, S2, S3…Sn

  3. Since souls are a combination of energy units, such energy units will hereby be referred as x1, x2, x3…xn


By definition,

f(C) = f(S1, S2, S3…Sn)                                    and,

f(Sn) = f(x1, x2, x3…xn)

These relations can be shown as follows for a subset of values:

By definition. 

f(S1) = f(x6, x15, x16, x17)

f(S2) = f(x9, x10, x11, x12)

f(S3) = f(x21, x22, x231, x24)

f(S4) = f(x18, x19, x20)

Now by assumption, 

x10 can match with x18, similarly

x10 can match with x21

As, Sn is a function of xn, given the above S2 can match with S3 or S4

Thus, we reject our null hypothesis and accept our alternate hypothesis that everyone has multiple soulmates.


All of us are made up of energies and we refer to such a unique combination of energies as a soul. While a lot of us out there might believe in one true soulmate, creative evidence suggests that souls can match up and find their mates in more than one human being. This matching up, commonly known as vibing in modern vernacular, can happen with more than one human being. Since this experiment is based on the proven scientific premise that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but only transformed, such vibing of energies can change throughout one's life. Hence committing to energy forms within oneself and with others for a lifetime is more of a societal construct than a natural tendency or requirement. Thereby, we can extend our experiment findings to establish that the institution of marriage is unnecessary, unnatural and counterproductive. 

PS: To all those who are not married yet, give it a good thought and all those who are already married, may you have an enriching married life. 

Yours dearly

Shivangi (:

By Shivangi Jain

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Nidhi Choudhary
Nidhi Choudhary
26 jan.
Beoordeeld met 5 uit 5 sterren.

What a beautifully twisted way to look for soulmates


naman jain
naman jain
22 jan.
Beoordeeld met 5 uit 5 sterren.

Let’s all give it a thought and see if we can get a soulmate


Rajeev Tiwari
Rajeev Tiwari
22 jan.
Beoordeeld met 5 uit 5 sterren.

Khoob likha us lekhak ne jisne Dil ke jasbato ko aene sa padh liya (:


Dhanush Balaji
Dhanush Balaji
22 jan.
Beoordeeld met 5 uit 5 sterren.



Rajesh Kumar Jain
Rajesh Kumar Jain
16 jan.
Beoordeeld met 5 uit 5 sterren.

Excellent work

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