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By Amit Chaudhary

I freeze I melt I vaporise like an ice

spread unto cloud and shrink in size

Oh! soon Where I go, where I hide?

sudden I disappear, no one realize.

This, my journey where to go

may back to earth I don't know,

God governs me, turns to snow

keep some drops to make a bow.

Some of my part forms dewdrop

and some like to shape rainy hope,

Then, junkies use me in their dop

when they feel sad or they are rock.

I came I lived I destroyed soon

and the cruel wind flew my boon,

no wonder why it seems to ruin

Even I became mightless & doom.

Oh! Ocean save me in your womb

as I tired much, can't move to home,

No more dust I Need, I, to be a foam

And be some tears of beloved moan.

By Amit Chaudhary

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