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A Different Durga Puja

By Adrija Bhaduri

Corona arrived over two years ago,

It is surprising, I must say.

For though it passed very slow,

Now it seems but a few days.

It's been two long years since,

Covid came and ruined the fun.

It's been two years, and I'm sad to say,

They weren't all that fun

But now the season has arrived, for celebration,

Preparations have long been done.

Studies are all out of one's mind,

Everyone's out just having fun.

Pandals and murtis have been carefully craft,

Puja clothes have all been bought.

The season of joy has now begun,

But life has changed a lot.

Still we need to sanitize,

And social distancing is a must.

After all, we wish not to be stuck at home,

So each and all should wear our masks.

Still joyful is this great occasion,

Whether from a distance or not.

So let's stay safe, AND celebrate

For all hope is not yet lost.

By Adrija Bhaduri

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