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A Broken Heart

By Surya Narayanan R

Like earthquakes, your words

Split my heart apart.

Is this a heartbreak?

There is pain but no red.

Is this how hearts break?

What breaks can be fixed but

Not as easy as a vessel we are.

If another chance exists, I’d even

Turn time to tell you

I’m sorry, I went too far.

It wasn’t a fight until truths spilled.

Can’t bring back what lies killed.

Don’t know what got to my head.

Ever since you weren’t in my bed,

I blamed the moon for glittering

The tears that I sed.

Could fate not want us to end up together?

We looked lovely. Didn’t we?

Hope you still remember how we

Wanted to have

Our silly little dream,

Together, forever.

By Surya Narayanan R

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