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A Beautiful Mess

By Kritika Kashyap

It was a lovely day!

Was tired a bit,

so- I drifted to sleep

I was sinking into

The black infinite looking hell-

And I found my real self

Covered with bruises

And eyes in tears

Still was plastering

A hurtful smile

That's who I was~

Then I tried my best but

Couldn't wake up

I woke up in a dream

And it was beautiful!

I started walking and

I found a beautiful couple

I went to them and

They carried me home

Nurtured, played, and cared me a lot

I thought I was the special one

Once the dream started turning to a nightmare

And now it wasn't that fun

I readied myself to run away from it

but- It captured me tightly

And my eyes had teared slightly

I was struggling being tangled up in a mess but-

Was trying to solve it in my crying self

I was alone and now struggling to breathe

And there I found-

A hope to live

He came and gently pulled me out,

Brushed the mess and made me feel sought

I was standing their all startled

Until he started talking with me

And I found my comfort zone in him

Because he was patient enough to hear my glee

We talked for a while

And he started wiping up my tears,

Gathering all the pieces of my heart

Now he was the only one who cared

Falling was obvious so- I did

Not even thinking if I am going to get caught

Maybe I was expecting too much-

So, disappointment was obvious as well

He let me go so easily

And was trying to run away from me

But I was too confused to let him go

So, he decided to break me again

And pushed me in the mess again

But this time

I was too tired to do all of this all again

So, I was lying there for a long time

Thinking if all these suffering was worth it?

I was sinking in the nightmare again

Until someone called me-

"Wake up stupid!

You've been sleeping for long now!

I told you to be ready for this,

now you understand how?"

By Kritika Kashyap

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