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By Anvesheeka Rahul Kumar

There’s this void inside of me, A part of me that’s still incomplete, An emptiness that can’t be filled, a numbness that can’t be killed

No matter what I do, Feeling numb and empty, heartless too, Looking out for everyone, never letting them be alone

Some listen some let it sink in, thinking, in the end, a win is a win, Still somewhere I don’t feel I fit, tired of being everyone’s unpaid therapist

I feel empty all the time, I make sure everybody is doing fine, somewhere I crave for it too, But I’m way too scared of being misunderstood

Knowing everybody’s secrets but never having someone to share mine, too mature for my age, and a bit too kind, I still haven’t fully healed, too happy to be true still everyone believed

How do I feel this void, How do I answer the questions I avoid, Wish I had someone to talk to, In the end, a listener needs a listener too

By Anvesheeka Rahul Kumar

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