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By Yukti Bhandari

Dear unpaid therapist,

You are limited, but bounded with some duties.

Memories are your play card,

One with Demon; other with Ease….

Past, Present & Future are your three infinite bonds…

“Where karma wore the moon as her crown.

And the sun humbly bowed, honouring their queen.”

For you acceptance is everything.

I thank you for refreshing our souls…

Unspoken truths are dancing, in your womb…

Tick – tok, tick – tok

Counting my feathers in a shadow hawk,

Birth and death are7 two sides of coin…

Where the destiny go …

Only this healer will decide.

Beauty is not just skin deep

Every second teaches me…

Embrace your imperfections

[With timely perfections]

By Yukti Bhandari

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