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By Sayali Kondkar

In the peach black ocean, there is a one thing that always flutter my heart.

Surrounded by millions of sparkling stars that stands out like an idol. Looks like a precious ornament of the sky. Rises with the glory, spreading silver dust all over the earth. Sometimes shows up on that warm orange- pinkish wide canvas. Indeed, you have own charming aura. The aura that always keeps me enchanted. Like bewitched by your beauty. You shine in the dark nights holding thousands of emotions.

Having a you beaming at its height, the sky looks like a black silk fabricated with shiny diamonds around the ‘Kohinoor‘. But without you, the sky looks alone and empty.

You are the only witness of my alone stories, sorrows, emptiness. Having always by my side all my sorrows turned into lessons. You gave me the courage to shine brighter in the dark. My every emptiness filled with your silver glitter. It makes me very special for you.

I share the same phases as you, from drowning into the cold darkness to rise again at the full light. Your every phase holds different story, a different beauty. That encourages me that there will be always the full moon after a long nothingness.

I always try to learn more from you. Being calm in every situation. To feel special for the existence. Life has many eclipses that makes the complete blackout. But after that we can see the clear light. The breeze blows over the horizon, whispering the melodious lullaby. The birds sings the love song in the purple sky, that always takes me to you. Telling me there’s Moon like u.

By Sayali Kondkar

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