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" Mine "

By Firo (Firosghan)

" The Angels not half so happy in the heaven went envying her and me "

And yea that's the reason my insanity for her.

As all the men., in this kingdom by the sea, that the wind came out through the trees by dusk and the rain drops pierce out from the clouds by night, Chilling my mermaid trying to get her breath over them !!

But., our love it is more stronger by far than the love

Of those far older than us

Of many far wiser than us

Of dozens far deeper than us

Neither the Humans on earth around the world, Angels in heaven above the sky nor the Demons in hell down the sea can never ever dissever my soul from your soul.

I promise you this, my love for you is eternal and will never die.

Even after my demise, I'll still be waiting for you as I promised

as the one & only your man.

But still, counting my days in this universe with plethora of crave to hold your hand in front of millions and say, Yes here she is .. The one who came

To rip my heart sweetly, when I’m ready to give

To kiss my forehead, when I’m ready to fall

To hold me in her breast, when I’m ready to cry

To carry my kids in her womb, when I’m ready to transform

To grow old with me, when we are ready to wind up

and to die with me along, when we are ready to start our new life again in an alternative world.

She’s my girl, my only girl forever

A million dollar question I’m asking myself each and every second is,

Will my dream come true … ?

Will I able to call her as Mine …?

By Firo (Firosghan

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