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By Debanjan S Kundu

We wandered through the forest, and without any help, we made it out of the woods.

I drew my hand towards you, hoping you would hold it for survival until you came around and told me that you were leaving.

The last of the golden evenings that we spent on the edge of our lives, I saw the glitter in your eyes as we craved freedom.

The tree house has our memories, the woods still smell of thee and you are all I had once upon a time.

O! No, you hadn't given me a warning, as the blood spilt out of the pain, that we inflicted upon ourselves.

So here I stand in your way, would you listen to me and just not be mad at me for being weak, I know I told you more, stronger than ever we would ever be.

But pain is here what I feel, you are still out there driving the life you want to live!

I don't know how to stop this ache, that my mind bears, the world is sent into chaos and here I can't move my body anymore.

So I stand in your way, asking you to stay a little more! Words, well I gave them to you, hoping that you would keep them safe, but as it turns out, it was all in vain.

But hope is all I have, I used it to build a cabin, and a hole, I put my eyes on it and I see a small piece of your world.

Locked inside my head, I built these walls, can you break 'em down, please? Take me out of here and I shall find my freedom with you!

Hope is here, hope is here, and I shall wait for you a little more, my hands are still drawn out and I shall wait for you to grab a little more.

By Debanjan S Kundu

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