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By Geetha Krishnaprakash

More puzzled i feel when i hear about it, Is it the crooked small lines of your brain,

Or is it an unsolved problem that strikes so bad. These doubts create a big clueless disbelief, The mistakes of life turn to huge sorry figures The faint memories wake my usual forgetfulness, The mind is filled with untold lies of yesterday, Trying to escape from deep corrugated lines. Millions of emotions hit the walls of my mind,

The directionless new paintings stab me deep,

The hug of deep silence and the

supressed cries haunt me, The masked unbearable cries with creek and rattles pulls all the memories, Oh the word FATE ,you are very strong, Covering up all these gushing emotions. Do we need to forgive you in our lives, Oh Never, Never and Never!!!!

By Geetha Krishnaprakash

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