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By Sneha Arun

She was a living emerald, essence of our lives

Not just a loving mother mere

A beautiful angel, pearl in the shell, dainty

The best teacher of my life… my mother dear

With immense love and affection, she made a happy family

But in store for us was something else, by the unfaithful destiny.

She died.. She did,

Leaving us alone in this world to melt

Little did she realise what was like loosing a mother…

The pain she herself never felt.

No insecurities… there was nothing to fear

Many lives breathed easy, because she was here..

By loosing her is nothing left in life

She was the most wonderful mother

She had created me with her flesh and blood

Had given me beautiful feathers

But now, hundreds of achievements and thousands of dreams..

All useless without her beams…

And now, wishing for that happiness again

And one such opportunity destiny lends..

Waiting for her, I’ll always be

Till my own life ends…

For her single glimpse, I’ll do anything impossible

End it all at once, Life… which is meaningless and miserable.

She is alive in my heart and will remain forever

Every time my heart beats, leaves a silent tear…

Her loving touch, her immense care,

Missing which I lye here

She will never come back, my only fear…

The best teacher of my life… my mother dear

By Sneha Arun

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