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By Shraddha Arya

There is no real respect outside,

Within you, your power resides,

If you keep their opinion above you,

Your self esteem may get modified,

Not by mistakes, but your authentic style?

Sometimes it’s good, but..

Why you do it too many times?

Too many tattoos?, ohh what a weird child,

Are you a dancer, how will you earn?

What about academics? Why didn’t you just learn?

Why to offer them these roles, I ask why?

No one bothers to rectify,

If their opinion has loopholes, &

Especially when you wear, revealing clothes.

You and your parents get blamed,

When you get a failure remark,

Again, result in a big haunting shame,

What if you are made for other things,

But by the time you find courage,

It’s often too late.

When you try to raise a stand,

And for their support,

They are scared of giving names,

What a society do we live in

Where people don’t trust you,

Unless you have all the fame!

By Shraddha Arya

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